Allday Energy Drink Review

Allday Energy Drink Review – finally, there’s an energy shot that won’t make you gag.

As always, the boost you’re going to get depends on your caffeine tolerance. They’ve packed the usual energy components into this shot, and it will pick you up. If you like the idea of a 2 oz. shot of energy, you can’t do better that this one. I noticed that I had more energy and was more alert for several hours. However, if you’re typically drinking NOS or two Monsters with breakfast, you won’t feel much.

Maybe my expectations were really low due to prior experience with energy shots. I was pleasantly surprised by this drink. Now, it’s not an enjoyable drink by any means. You probably wouldn’t find me lounging around on a sailboat sipping Allday. But it’s a smooth, somewhat plum-flavored shot, that goes down easier than most 5 Hour Energy clones.

Allday inspired us to make a change here at EDB. While for 4 years, we’ve focused only on the energy and taste these drinks provide, we realized we are missing a vital component. Is it fair to kill Allday in the final rating because it doesn’t taste as good as a Monster, when it clocks in at 0 calories, 0 sugar – and Monster has a 54 grams of sugar? Allday is fairly non-harmful, but at that same time, doesn’t offer some of vitamins and other helpful supplements found in competing drinks.

Allday provides a decent boost, with minimal sacrifice to taste, at a much lower cost to your body’s health (if you’re concerned about such a thing.)

Rating: ★★★½☆

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  2. If one needs an all=day energy drink, does this not mean one should go see a dr. I believe that an energy drink should be used in moderation and as required.

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